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this is what bansky does on walls

Of the couple in front of me one was a woman – in a silken shift covering a black Bardot brassiere –  and beneath, lower, where every mortal man wears Y-fronts, was her more decorative lace Y-back, under there.

Then the oaf she was with put his hand onto what was bouncing beautifully and buzzed himself a feelie. Then they walked into a surf shop. There is no mercy for the older man in Byron Bay.

If my wife had worn that on the start of our wedding night I might have asked her to put some more clothes on. This particular babe was wearing the finish-line outfit in the street outside the hotel, in a manner of speaking.


.. an old man walked up to two yellow-robes sitting on a couple of rocks under the shade of a tree by the railway station, just like in the Dylan song.  The families had left, the musicians were humming their way, away – and these two had the look of martial arts about them, half-squatted there. One asian, one whoknows. If the yellow-robes smoked at smoko then these two fellows would be smoking. They were at ease.

‘Mind if I grab a rock?’

‘No,’ one of them said,’ followed by a smile, ‘sit down.’

I asked them if they wouldn’t mind listening to a story about a vision and was that ok, then I asked if their english was ok and the older one smiled over at the younger one at that, which meant he was the yellow-robe senior man. European, he told me when I asked. The younger one asked if I meant a dream, but no, a vision.

I saw it one night on TV.

But I didn’t tell him that. I wanted to go head-hunting with a yellow-robe. So it got told, and it didn’t take long at all.

.. like this

Afghanistan. Syria. Iraq. Israel. North Africa.

‘We flew into a wide valley, and looking down from the Blackhawk we could see two men walking along a stony plain a few hundred feet below, beside each other, so we slipped down for a better look. One man was walking on a very narrow pathway without stones, the other man beside him was walking amongst the stones. They must have had sandels, but I remember none. The pathway was clear because that was the path all men took.’

I stopped there because the younger listener was busting to wrap it up in the Bhagavad Gita, so I had to say shush for now because I’m not done. Meanwhile, the older man, every time I look at him in the telling, gives me a wiseman look. This is his kid.

Oh yeah?

I give it to the younger listener first, it’s not hard. I asked him, ‘Which of the two men was talking?’ Then it was over to the teacher, and I asked him, ‘ Which of the two men was listening?’

‘Which one?’ I asked them both for the second time, and there they were just thinking about it.

Got them both.

That’s what we’re here for so I’m up off the rock  and with a smile I clapped the older man on the shoulder in passing. Solid under the yellow, bone and hard muscle.

this is what banksy does on walls, in words

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