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Bloodlines. The little book that started in Realsurf

Bloodlines is an edited collection of over seventy essays taken from Pete Bowes’ blog and published by Bennison Books. The book is available through Amazon in an ebook edition that can be read on all devices, including Kindle and Ipad.

Publisher here ..

Bloodlines by Peter Bowes


(1) Visceral, teeth rattling, piss funny.

HarperCollins author, Sean Doherty,

Pete Bowes writes about surfing like no one I’ve ever read; he was a Bondi boy who moved up to Byron Bay in 1963. Between Bondi and Byron Bay, Pete crossed tracks with a rogues’ gallery – surfers, itinerants, brawlers, the lost –  all of them lovingly hand-painted by Pete’s pen. His short vignettes in Bloodlines are visceral, teeth rattling, piss funny and even true, and they stretch from then to now and this horizon to that, from the poetic to the poignant to the hilarious.’

Sean is the author of My Brother’s Keeper, and MP: The Life of Michael Peterson*, both published by HarperCollins. Sean is currently Features Editor of Surfing World, Australia’s oldest surfing magazine, and Senior Writer for Surfermagazine.

(2) A sense of humour and joie de vivre…

EpicTV editor, Dave Mailman,

‘If you believe his Facebook profile, he’s a very old surfer, born on June 13th, 1910.  He is also an accomplished writer.  Obviously one of his favourite topics is the sport of kings, but you can, and hopefully will spend hours reading his other musings on pretty much anything that has caught his fancy over the course of his life.  The list is long. 
I find Pete intriguing, because if he really is 102 years old, he has an intellect that is still as sharp as a tack and a sense of humour and joie de vivre to go along with it. 
To your health, Mr. Bowes!’ 

Dave Mailman was a co-founder of Surf Europe Magazine, Marketing Director for Quiksilver Europe, President of the ASP Europe from 2007-2010 and has been a freelance event commentator and journalist in surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and other action sports since 2003. He’s also an editor for EpicTV.

(3) Harry, Amazon customer,

Peter Bowes writes interesting and thought provoking observations of life. Some of his stories are sad, some stimulating and all interesting. His writing style is unique and his use of the English language is not dis-similar to that of writers such as Cormack McCarthy et al. A fascinating book. I look forward to reading his next and subsequent books.

(3) Ben 182 #

Pete, such a way with words. I am going to buy your book but I agree with Rottmouth that it should be sold as a hard copy. Your writing is one of the few things addressing the ocean and surfing that is actually worth paying a few dollars for and having something to display. Your works are short, concise, unpretentious and perfect for quick entertainment that works on many deeper levels without looking like it’s trying way too hard (like you just picked up your first philosophy for dummies book and can’t wait to share it with everyone). Good luck you old codger

(4) Vaughan Blakey, Editor Surfing World,

I’m really stoked to be featuring your writing in SW. I’ve had a great time reading through it this past few weeks. I grew up at New Brighton, went to Mullum High, had my first New Years in Byron that year people were diving off the roof of the Orient onto the pavement and the bikies blocked the ambos from getting in. I think I was 15. Great night. I guess I feel something very familiar within your words. Hope that’s cool.  It’s an embarrassingly rich body of work you’ve got there

I dig it a lot.

(5) Steve Shearer, rogue journalist, Freeride Voice blog

By the way, if anyone wants to read some real quality (surf) writing, the abovementioned Pete Bowes has been putting it down between the sticks for years.

He’s too much of an old school gentlemen to blow his own trumpet in someone else’s living room but if this isn’t an instant banning offence I’m more than happy to do it for him.

He’s our very own Chekhov of the surf world.

(6)  Surfmatters

It is this inclination that led me to more than usually appreciate a recent repost on SurfMatters of one of Peter Bowes offerings in relation to George Greenough. Peter is one of the great writers on surf related matters so I make no apology for quoting a large chunk of it that particularly appealed to me. (surf matters blog).
“He goes out to the bombies around the Cape and links them all up on his …. craft, says Al. It looks like a mat but the thing is only half full of air and can be used as a kind of bodysheath so GG can plane it out and accelerate when the wave starts to get steep and throw, and then he can shift its function to something similar to a hull-cut and carry on through the fat bits – still at full speed and no slap-bumps because he’s changed the in-water configuration of the thing somehow – until the next shallow section shows its boils.”

{this is a marketing and business procedure that, advice tells me, might help flog a book or three}

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  1. Pete, I don’t have a kindle anything so will have to wait for the hardback – not too long I hope! Wishing you great success which I have to say is much deserved!

    July 13, 2013
    • ta pk, lismore, as it should, gets a guernsey in there somewhere ..

      July 13, 2013
  2. Your marketing procedure may just work my good man…

    July 14, 2013

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