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the wire

The Ambulance Man.

‘Sometimes I don’t know if they wait for a bit, or just get through the fence and go. If you stand back you can see the (wire strand) fence is a little draped down in two spots, but closer to the way up here, the path, there’s a hole, see? ‘

We walked over to the wire, good enough for cattle, and a five foot beaten path to flight. The sea looks like it waits from here. No thought of rocks.

‘I don’t reckon anybody up here with that thing in mind wants to go arse-over trying to get over the wire. They’d go under, through the gap there. They’d bow down to get through.’

He stopped, and then said, ‘How do you get them back over, when they’re up here at night, alone?’


There might be a solid wooden post inside the wire one day, well inside, about four foot high and smooth enough so the daytime kiddies don’t get splinters. They’ll be climbing all over it. And there should be good solid metal rings bolted in around it, strong enough for a mariner, or some kid, to hold, and wait out the tempest.


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