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bondi 1958. gary moffatt

Meet Gary Moffatt.

Not so ripped in ’58 was young G. Moffatt, but you had to go with the ‘G’ on his board, and the fuck you glance up at the out of shot peanut gallery by the old shed. This is after all the guy who headed the Bondi invasion of Newport and Avalon. The Hillbilly Hamlets, their beaches manned by pathetic old dribblers riding 18′ toothpicks and all their beautiful girls with nowhere to go at night – Jack Eden only showed up to take pics for the magazines when Moffatt’s wreck was in the carpark.

And Moffatt collected them up there, the girls. Had them hanging out the car windows on his way down Beaconsfield Street to the Newport Arms. Hangin’ and fangin’. Saturday night social carnage goes back a long way. Grandfathers fucked up, a lot. You should ask yours if you’re old enough to drink with him.

G. Moffat also invented the ‘ being really pissed but staying cool ‘ image. The stoned but sober. And who hasn’t done that ..

Billabong, that’s who.

Plus the 1958 fuck you fashion look, as per below – and just in case you think that this half-formed little kid hadn’t earned the attitude he’s sharing out; he’d been pushing heavy Balsa out in the waves for about four years. At Bondi, and on most days. School days were only observed when the easterlies blew.

‘Bong missed all that too. As did Reg Mombasa, the 60’s fashion image guru  – aka Mambo.

By a mile.

{Bondi} This is the local indigenous dialect for very big fkn waves that break inside this bay on a regular basis.

joolee eadie for the pic, ta again – and ten more to go

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  1. Joolee Eadie-Edwards (nee Collins) #

    This is really interesting. The photo I took of Gary (above), in 1958, is the way I remember him. I often wonder what has happened to all those people I used to see at Sth Bondi, with their amazing boards. It’s so good to read this. I couldn’t swim and I couldn’t surf but I could take photos and write poems about them – which they put up on the wall in the cave. Reg Mombasa is known to my son, Ben Eadie, and has really helped with his music and art, the charity my son occassionally works for.

    October 17, 2012
  2. Red Ted #

    Joolee, Andy C and Magoo together with Mick Dooley were at a portrait exhibition at the Bondi Pavillion last week. I believe it finishes on Saturday 21st; some great paintings of South Bondi surfers from the time of your photos.

    October 18, 2012
  3. gary moffatt #

    thank you pete for the chance to revist a the era that made us all of what we are now as the saying goes ‘you can take the boy out of bondi,but you never take the bondi out of the boy’ i have a surf on the family holidays had few morning at byron last january, regards gary

    May 16, 2014
  4. Pickles ..! where is that rangy fucker? I want him.

    May 16, 2014

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