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there is no peace

Nathan, with his two pig dogs and hydrophonics, has lived on and off with his mother in her sealed two bedroom cottage in Avalon for the three months since his last release from the Brisbane Watch House – and the letter pushed under the door last Friday is a summons to appear at Manly Magistrate’s  Court for non payment of rates.

The local council is aggrieved, and they covert her home.

Nathans’s mother has been unable to get out of her bed for two days now with an untreated dogbite gone gangrenous; and the hungry beasts roam through the small rooms day and night. They are unloosed.

– and they bump again and again at the flimsy door of her bedroom. Dark by day and by night.

Nathan comes by from time to time; always at night, measuring the wattage and filtration, doing some harvesting and checking the black plastic bagging on the windows.

He comes and goes through the unkempt gardens and weeds, slipping through the back door like a thief – sometimes his mother calls for him.

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  1. joe green #

    i saw the bud and had a happy feeling.then i read the story and had a bad feeling.

    June 7, 2011
    • We’ve got a bloke up here, married with kids, about 40 now and who took acid for the first time a couple of years ago and never came back.

      Now he’s on the streets, never sees his kids, doesn’t talk –

      June 7, 2011
  2. Mike #

    Poor diagnosis PB.

    Acid?, the dude has other problems than one dose mate.

    And an indigenous plant is villiified again. Projection and ignorance.

    While a corporate process, alcohol, finds the freedom to explore market share legally.

    June 7, 2011
    • Maybe so Mike, though I had a fierce time with my first and last opium / hash burn – Maybe the poor bloke ^ didn’t so much have a problem in the first place but a lack of robustness – like a swimmer who could get get out the back easy enough but not back to the shore.

      A lady friend lives up the road, her son who is schizophrenic left a screwdriver stab scar on her right temple the night he wished to kill her. Whenever she says the reason the boy has this problem now is / was his youthful dope habit I am unable to argue otherwise.

      June 7, 2011
      • it all seemed so innocent when I was younger – a little weed. But I saw the damage. The way it led them to other things – and the damage sometimes lurks, waiting to surprise you later. Little things you can’t remember, mood swings. Altering the natural state of the mind is a dangerous game – because you can never know if you’ll come back whole.

        June 7, 2011

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