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sea of joy, a film by paul witzig, music by tully

tully, the band

40 years ago the music that accompanied surfing movies was a little more subdued and everyone was a little hairier. Cigarettes smelled different and nobody understood Bob Dylan.

and 10 years earlier :

– Friday night was a chinese feed at Bondi Junction then a slow drive back down Bondi Road to the beach for a little mini-golf and a dart at that babe who used to go out with your best mate – all this after a couple of bottles of DA in the back of the car on the way down. Empties out of the window, smash and crash –

Everyone stood around a lot at night those days because all amphetamines ever did was keep you awake.

Nobody wore sandals, levis came straight off the docks and into the car boot, we all had off the book retail arrangements you see as everything was unloaded from the boats by hand, plus there was a lot of orange hair around. Napro was always a bum result.

Marijuana hadn’t been properly circulated to the general population and John Severson’s magazine was the only show in town worth owning.

We drank schooners, many schooners  – and on Saturday morning would watch Bondi United outfight any team who bothered to show up.

– and girls always said no, and there was never an argument –

Wayne Lynch’s cutback remains contemporary, and Nat’s antenna -hand still looks ridiculous, and why didn’t Ted Spencer ever stand up straight?


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  1. Steve Shearer #

    Hows the narrow, fully rockered out nosed Webber Ski type thing Nat is riding?

    And Ted had to crouch to control those scooped out little spoon/hulls he was riding.

    Is that BK on one of those Sunset waves?

    But good news Paul is releasing these flicks on DVD…….

    You probably already knew that PB.

    February 4, 2011
    • I always liked the music better then the flick, nat always did that to me – dreadful fellow in the water, we had our moments …. and I never saw BK in red shorts before

      February 4, 2011
  2. Stu #

    I think it might be James Jones, but that’s only going on the board spray. Seem to remember him hauling out a few with a similar design.

    The whole early sequence looks like it’s filmed around Cactus. I might be wrong, and there’s no headlands to verify, but I know Witzig owned it for a time and he, Lynch and Abellira spent a lot of time out there. The very first wave looks like it might be Outside Castles filmed from Caves headland.

    February 4, 2011
    • angourie for the right hand sequence stu, check the face chop … maybe?

      February 4, 2011
    • James Llewelyn #

      The guy ripping sunset in the the red shorts is Peter Drouyn
      The music can get you down after a while like being stuck in and inland town on a wet day with nothing to do and no money to get you out of there.
      Waynes surfing on those little stubbies has it all over the over rated peterson section in Morning of the earth

      February 6, 2011
      • thanks jl, and you are right about Lynch – he punched a few bad buttons when he decided against vietnam, maybe that’s what kept him from a mp sized pedestal

        February 6, 2011
  3. Stu #

    And, fuck, that ‘Webber Ski thing’ that Nat’s riding is UGLY.

    February 4, 2011
  4. Steve Shearer #

    Your right Stu.

    About the ugly and the Cactus.

    Never really seen any good footage of Cactus apart from these sequences.

    Agree with James about Wayne’s surfing v MP’s MOTE sequences.

    Personally through Brocky did the best surfing in MOTE.

    February 6, 2011
    • James Llewelyn #

      Hey Steve,
      My favourite in MOTE is Steve Cooney on the small day at Uluwatu on the little yellow board, look like he is having so much fun out there,and the music is cool, and he surfs so loose and free at Angourie with mark warren and Baddy Treloar. Just an opinion Brocky definitely puts Nat and MP to shame at Lennox.

      February 7, 2011
  5. Mr Wolf #

    Tully – Paddo Town Hall, MandalaTheatre in Darlo. Tamam Shud, Turkish Green Electric band on the bill – worth remeberring if the brain cells will allow

    February 8, 2011
    • you’re in trouble nc, the final stages of decay are in the speling –

      February 8, 2011
      • Mr Wolf #

        you’re right although “remberring” is a potential current enunciation after a few vodkasss

        February 8, 2011

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