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Posts tagged ‘Nat Young’

a dip into the past

the real australian shortboard evolution

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nat young – my part in his downfall

Nat had a funny way of introducing himself to you when he dropped in - sometimes he would slice around into a full-blooded cutback and say hullo to your head with his elbow.

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ocean racing yachts, an insider’s view

100 foot long, 40 knots and into the weather -

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sea of joy, a film by paul witzig, music by tully

Wayne Lynch's cutback remains contemporary, and Nat's antenna -hand still looks ridiculous, and why didn't Ted Spencer ever stand up straight?

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yeehaw .. ! by pamela neswald

Pamela has painted a reasonably heavy woman wearing a skivvy and string bikini bottom riding a yellow board on a blue wave. The woman is sans brassiere, unattractively so. She is also wearing lipstick, eye-liner and earrings. She is surfing. Somebody needs help here.

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