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john galliano – could surfing go this way?

JG, this is me

This is John Galliano. He doesn’t surf. John’s into fashion, no surprise eh?.

John will soon be contacted by a well-known international surfing fashion house who have decided they need his  …. eerh … his look.

He’s a sexy guy is Johnno, doesn’t do drugs or booze, has great skin care, likes to look into mirrors and isn’t ashamed to wear a tiara in public – sounds like a lot of professional surfers.

This is the Makaha look – John is saying ‘ If it’s out there I’m on it ‘ – The banner shot of the two lads is the Banzai look, this look suggests that even a serious coral-head laceration can be used for intimate fashion comment. The company is hoping for a hard-core reaction to this aspect of surfing and is planning to offer its first release at next years Pipe masters – Billabong will have to eat it, this is the new wave.

The company is looking for comment, they have asked viewers to circulate the news.

So go ahead ..

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