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flynn novak cutting back

– and thank you sellnought, and many thanks Lee Kelly (the picster). A mention to handsome Hale for the pointer.

The first question we must ask of Mr Novak is why on earth is he sitting down on the job? That’s a fair bit of effort he has expended in getting up there and this is no time to bundy off and enjoy the view.

Two things (1) The rooster tail; most impressive, the lads out the back watching will be wanting to do as well their next wave. (2) The backside plant; most unimpressive, Mr Novak has given up any hope of a rail recovery to bring it back around and has gone for the sea anchor. The top half of his body is wondering what the fuck the bottom half is doing way over there. Note the compensatory head position.

His board has ceased to be an effective moving instrument, all motion has ceased apart from the effect of gravity and we predict the next couple of frames would have young Flynn sliding down the face on his arse until he meets the board for one of those very ungainly foam thrash recoveries, and exactly where is the left arm?

Congratulations are in order though for grabbing 24 hours as the sellnought banner pic, a very handsome effort, and I’ll bet it was shoulder length 10 years ago.

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