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atlas of australian surfing by mark warren ~ a review

Mr Warren has done well with this modest edition (pub 1988, 232 pages) and has claimed the middle ground of surfing literature with its success. Many Australians bought the book for one of two reasons - (1) it is an atlas and therefore holds promise of detailed maps, graphs and supplementary illustrations of the entire world of surfing and (2) to find out where that tasty left is on the cover.

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fast food – the mexican egg and chip roll

We were sitting around the table in the Rose Bay Hotel with Scoresby and a couple of hard faced Maoris watching the races and waiting on a feed of Singapore noodles, a specialty of Mr. Ngyuen, Charles.
Nice chap Charles, seasons his chips with garlic and chopped chives

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the holiday van, tabourie: fresh bream with basil leaves

They had been drinking all day that day and he had sent her over to the bottle shop for a few bottles to take home, and the long bump under the back wheel outside the drive-in bottle shop as he backed in was too soft to be a ramp

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