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Posts tagged ‘Balsa surfboards’

warren cornish – after the funeral

the boys who rode balsa

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you should have been here last century, bro ..

Yeah .. ! I was a surfer 50 years ago and you weren't there, or born even ..

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crowdy head: lobster omelet with mace and red peppercorns

Fresh Lobster omelet, mace, red peppercorns and garlic chives at Crowdy Head, August 1958, 5.40 pm.

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Lobster Omelet with Mace & Red Peppercorns

A big man, tanned and snowy haired, he has spent four days in solitary sport amongst the massive south swell that has swept up the coast

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shaper builder

Ray had no schedules; he would to wander in and out of building commitments as often as the weather changed and he was fearsomely unapologetic for missed appointments and delivery times

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