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Posts tagged ‘Aub Laidlaw’

this was bondi ~ barry mcguigan – magoo – the string magician

He's not a legend - he was always magoo. This was Bondi.

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les girls, the boys from the cross come to bondi, things do not go well.

1961, bondi is invaded by the transvestite dancers from the kings cross nightclub, 'the all male review' - everybody hurts

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ben buckler, ben the bumpy – the hero wave

Ben Buckler, the world's bumpiest wave. A condensed appraisal.

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the bondi astra, barry, and the death cut

There was so much sand on the floor of the public bar at closing time that the tiles were covered, and after twenty years all the colours had been rubbed away, sandpapered off by the bare feet of a generation of shoeless drinkers.

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aub laidlaw, bondi lawman

Aub Laidlaw also had a very big problem with women in small two-piece swimming costumes – so much so that he took to measuring them when he was unsure of their legality, being a measurable requirement of municipal morality ordained by the local council at the time,

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surfoplanes ~ their place in the scheme of things

Not enough has been written about the Surfoplane, particularly in regard to its legitimate role as a precursor to the hard-edged BellyBoard, and the modern day Boogie Board, and nothing at all has been written about the techniques and skills necessary to have had a successful session.

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