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where’s the avalon mafia these days?

Once upon a time a man would have his windscreen waxed for posting up pics of Avalon on the internet, or be parked in for the day, or be impolitely surrounded in the water by a group of hairy locals with grievous bodily harm on their minds, or be the subject of a malevolent dead-eye from a stranger in the bookshop of all places, or have a large uniformed policeman knocking on his door, or be convinced not to attend his grandson’s Saturday football matches at Hitchcock Park, or be charged double for a block of wax at Beach Without Sand  – what dangerous days they were.

But Look!

Now we have two surf cams looking over Avalon, one scanning the beach from north to south and the other fixed on LA.


And for free.

Krausey, Red Dog, Roy, Dave, Mabs, Marsupial, Pete … all playing bowls these days are you?

A man has to marvel.

Ian Bird pic of North Av.

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