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byron bay, hollywood, batshit and bicycle seats

Common knowledge has it that Covid19 originated from the wet markets in Wuhan China and was sourced from cages of bats held alive for sale as fresh meat.

Hundreds of cages of incontinent bats held captive hanging upside down like bats do in crowded cages for days on end, unable to fly, terrified of the market clamour and rough handling of their owners. Covered from their toes to their unhappy heads in their own shit.

Covid is no problem for the good folk of Byron Bay though.

They had a protest the other day bemoaning their loss of freedom because of this virus. Masks? Fuck no. Never mind the misery and thousands of deaths in other countries because Byron Bay, to them, is part of the Paradise Nation where all is love and gentleness and the giving out of good vibes.

Ask Olivia Newton-John, the Hemsworth brothers, Miley Cyrus  .. good vibes are their speciality and Byron their healing ground.

Hemsworth House overlooking Seven Mile, 20,000 tons of concrete.

Miley Cyrus, daughter of Billy Ray and child of the Hinterland.

Libby’s Byron retreat for healing the spiritually anguished and independently wealthy.

Every year these same good folk hold an event where they all discard their clothes and ride bikes through the town.

In other words …

they discard all their clothes and sit on bicycle seats and pump their energetic way through town for a few hours in the heat of summer and in front of the local townsfolk who gather in their delighted hundreds to watch the spectacle.

Young and old they ride by … all naked  .. and all on bicycles.

These are the same folks who won’t wear protective masks in the supermarket.

Batshit virus be buggered.

But I’m betting they all wear masks and gloves when it comes to cleaning those bicycle seats.


I’ll get out of your way now.

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