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what bondi called you

Hey Joe. Gary Johnson. He could yodel it.

Bonza Bob. Rob Conneely. Champion.

Gull. Dave Spencer. Mohair lover. Had all the moves.

The Bloater. Max Bowman. Something must have happened to him mid-life, the bloke I remember was built slim and moved fast.

Red Ted. John Sullivan. The Ted I don’t know. The Red could be political.

Long Play. Andy Cochran. Sure you can come out the back with us, Andy, the older men said, as long as you keep quiet when we get there.

Wheels. John Williams.

Zulu. You want to know why? He looked like one.

Toad. No chin. Ditto guts.

Wally the Walker. Wally Newell. The first to unglue his feet from the back of the board.

Bluey. Jack Mayes. Redhead. Blew hard.

The Head. Kevin Brennan. Had a big one.

Specs. Phil Norris. Had 4 eyes.

Frank’nWarren. Frank Pickford and Warren Cornish. Two young blokes joined at the hip.

The Canadian Kook. Mike Bennett. Fell off badly one day in front of everyone.

Pickles. That’s what you get with a name like (Wayne) Pilkington.

Harry Hungry Hair. Used a bucket of Brylcreem every week. Never saw him in the water.

Magoo. Barry McGuigan, a royal lineage.

The Carney Kid. Read Long Play. How they flocked.

The Silent Partner.

The White Russian.

Wavey Davey. He hung out with the 2nd ramp to get named that.

The Rat. Vic Hogan: a bit long in the front teeth I’ve been told.

Tshirt. Terry Falson. Somebody ask him. I never saw him wear one.

The Rodge. Bruce Rodgers. He was a big unit, hence the The.

Joe the Goose. Peroxide blonde. Sold good threads up at the Royal on Saturdays.

Gidget. Only if you saw the movie and knew the girl.

The Ripple Rider. Brian Morris. Snapped fashion on land and provided it on the water.



There has to be more … late fifties to early sixties.

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  1. You forgot Red Ted, hey Joe, Bloater, the Gull, Bonza and many more

    December 28, 2018
  2. sjh #

    Bonza is not well

    December 29, 2018
  3. Sorry to hear that. Maybe someone could remind him of the day he tried a fin-up experiment at Bondi. It ended badly and there was some personal carnage. Stoic old lad is Rob, all the best to him.

    December 29, 2018

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