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nick’s little sucker

Nick runs an outfit out of Byron called North East Pool Professionals and the other day his offsider, Clive, switched the old pool sucker for a new one. This baby is a little smaller in the skirt department but she roams the pool like there’s a turbo-charger in there. Should be called the Kate Moss model.

So I rang him, Nick, just then.

‘G’day, Nick,’ sez I, ‘that’s one busy little sucker I’ve got in the pool right now.’

‘Everything alright?’ He asked.

‘Yeah, but we did have a bit of a problem last night.’

When you’re in the pool business you get plenty of calls that start with that sentence.

Nick, by the way, only tried to ride a surfboard once, that was up at Minnie Water. His mum found him what sounded like a MP Fangtail when he was a young bloke, but Nick being 6″6″ and fully loaded with big bones at the time, couldn’t keep himself on when he wanted to paddle. It sunk, he said. Gave up after 30 seconds.

That’s what every Kook should do, give up after thirty seconds.

‘What was the problem?’

‘Fucken thing got out of the pool.’


‘Got through the fence and cleaned all the windows around the house!’

‘And that’s not all, the bloody dog’s disappeared, probably cleaned her up as well.’

That’s Nick on the right … got a good laugh out of him.


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  1. If only all my clients had a sense of humour like yours Peter. I sometimes think this town is way too serious for its own good! Thanks for making me laugh!

    November 23, 2017
  2. Pleasure ..

    November 23, 2017

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