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scott dillon, from bondi

(1) Bluey Mayes was a great guy, a magnificient surfer, particularly on a toothpick, but he had an attitude. He thought every wave was there just for him.

We had many heated exchanges, but taking this all into account he was a great guy, a good friend – in small doses.

Bondi Point was our favourite spot on a big day, riding the toothpicks..

I remember on one special day –  we were out at Bondi Point, it was huge and I had several exchanges with Bluey as to whose wave it was so I paddled around to the Big Boggiehole and picked an unusual big,big,wave.

As I approached the take off spot at the point Bluey dropped in, never saw me coming..

I took him out and his board went up on the rocks. I can’t repeat his remarks as I paddled back out..this was just Jack..

I will be up there with him soon, as I am now 84.

Scott Dillon

header pic pinched from OSBC Facebook, they pinched it off D. Zappa Wybrow

(2) In Big Surf we would walk around to the Fishermans sheds on the Point, jump off from here and paddle down to South Bondi where the waves were bigger, after every wave we would run back to North Bondi, around the rocks to the sheds, and do it all over again.

We were Super Fit in those days..One big BIG day; dad, my sister Helen and myself paddled down south in a huge swell, Helen took off on a monster and was wiped out badly. As the foam settled,there was Helens hair floating where she was wiped out. Dad paddled over, lifted the hair, and there was Helen, battered, but ok.

memories …..


I have so many stories from those early days

header pic pinched from OSBC Facebook, they pinched it off D. Zappa Wybrow

SD emailed these to me after somebody pointed him here

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  1. Pellinore #

    When you think about it, when you have toothpick democracy, it comes down to the best surfer, well done mate.

    June 13, 2014
  2. He was a hard old bastard who left wrack and ruin in his wake, they all were back in the day .. all we could do was watch and learn, now everybody is a surfer, which will never be right, so it’s the bush for the survivors and never the old mal comps, ever. Fuck that.

    June 13, 2014

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