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scott dillon – always a risk

A little while ago Scott Dillon found this place and it sounded like he wanted to chat a while – so, seeing as how he was always BIG in my early days I gotta do this, cut and paste a few of his stories verbatim – I don’t know if you could find them anywhere else.

from the left:

Jack Mayes

Wheels Williams (up high)

Scott in the hat okanuis and with the build


That boofhead on the radio and TV (Darrell Eastlake)

Cochran with the elvis curl

dunno back to camera

dunno in the shades

could be geoff rule 3rd from right

bonzer bob

looks like beecham but he’s from the northern beaches

(banner pic is Bob Fell, Scott, Bob Evans and dunno – judging a comp at north narra in ’61)


Story 1 – from Dillon

Scott Dillon says.
Bluey Mayes was a great guy,a magnificient surfer,particullarly on a Toothpick.BUT,He had an attitude.He thought every wave was there just for him.We had many heated exchanges,BUT,Taking this all into account,He was a great guy,A good friend,however in small doses.

nev manstead spots a lobster at ben buckler

Bondi Point was our favorite spot on a big day,riding the toothpicks..I remember on one special day,we were out at Bondi Point..It was huge..I had several verbal exchanges with Bluey,as to whose wave it was,SO,I paddled around to the Big Boggiehole and picked an unusual big,big,wave.As I approached the take off spot at the point Bluey dropped in,in front of me,never seeing me coming..I took him out,as his board went up on the rocks.Obviously I can’t repeat his remarks,as I paddled back out..This was just Jack..I will be up there with him soon,as I am now 84.
Scott Dillon


Story 2 – from Dillon

Loved the surfoplane story.My Dad Joe Dillon was sec,Treasurer of Bondi SurfClub.I was also a member when I came of age.We all surfed the old Surfoplanes at bondi back in the early 1930,s.Aub Laidlaw was the Beach inspector at this time.

In Big Surf,we would walk around to the Fishermans sheds on the Point,and jump off from here and paddle down to South Bondi where the waves were bigger,after every wave,we would run back to North Bondi,around the rocks to the sheds,and do it all over again.

We were Super Fit in those days..One BIG DAY,Dad,my sister Helen and myself paddled down south in a huge swell,where Helen took of on a monster.Helen was wiped out badly.As the foam settled,there was Helens hair floating where she was wiped out.Dad paddled over,lifted the hair,and there was Helen,battered,but,OK.MEMORIES..SCOTT DILLON.I have so many stories from those early days


Story 3 – from Dillon

Scott Dillon again..More stories..We were taught to swim at Bondi Baths from an early stage.When the surf was big,It would break over the Baths Walls into the Baths.At this time,we would jump off the baths,the baths end near the beach,where there was a shallow reef.The wave that missed the baths ran over the reef,with a perfect small wave.You could either body surf it,or with a surfo.

At the end of the ridden wave there was a heavy rope across the water,so you wouldn’t run headfirst into the rocks.Once I moved onto the Toothpicks,the best surf was always at the South End.

magoo at the polio pit, and the bastard still has all his hair .. !!

We used the Bondi boat shed,using doors we made to store our surfboards..The shed was carved out of rock,under the cliffs..It was bricked up,many years later,as we all moved on…Scott Dillon

< – – –  the old boatshed


Story 4 – from Dillon

Of course Bluey never mentioned me (in the early trips to the south coast)

We were going down to Ulladulla well before he did.I was only 15 * years of age when we went down there,as not only were we surfers,BUT,we also were spearfishermen,and travelled,and spearfished almost every beach,or headland down south,generally with Andy Armstrong,Bruce Laird,Ross Kelly,and anyone else who wanted to come..We sold the fish we speared to Clubs,Pubs,People on the beach,etc.

We even did trips with Gelignite Jack Murray,and his crew,Many times,Spearfishing,Skiing,diving.etc..The parties were out of this world,as Jack Murray always brought down his race car crew…We were,a Wild,Wild crew.I still remember every party,every girl.What a life.I am now 84 and remember every party,girl,fight,etc.

supposedly there is a book in the pipeline..An old saying..”.There are a thousand stories in the naked city.”

* 1944

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  1. Can you please explain to this dumb aussie sheila what “riding the toothpicks’ is ???????

    July 31, 2011
  2. that’s what they called the original longboards – they were about 18′ long, narrow, hollow and impossible to ride – except for blokes like dillon and mayes – if that was what we had today everybody would be doing something else –

    July 31, 2011
  3. Karen #

    I’m at Bondi nearly every day and could picture every one of those stories. All the landmarks are familiar but maybe not the people. Paddling from Ben Buckler to the South and running back up again – I don’t think anyone does that anymore. Imagine if Bondi Rescue was stories from blokes like this – a sort of Bondi Rescues Memories from Oblivion. And while questions are in order: what was the polio pit?

    July 31, 2011
  4. hey k, the polio pit was an old boat shed tucked up under a rock wall at south bondi, we converted it to the south bondi boardriders club house (see magoo pic) – just to the right of magoo there is a smooth rockface probably overgrown with caprosma now, but it was carved up with all sorts of stuff way back then – there should be a plaque there as well –

    July 31, 2011
  5. Karen #

    Might have to investigate that.

    July 31, 2011
  6. Like your writing. Always find something interesting. I’ve showed it to Max Bowman who gets a giggle out of it. Love your work.

    July 31, 2011
  7. Can I assume you do not still have all your hair? 🙂

    July 31, 2011
  8. It’s nice when stories like these are shared…

    August 1, 2011
  9. max bowman … !! I thought that he went mad and the coppers shot him .. at least that’s what brian morris told me

    August 1, 2011
  10. I am handsomely hirsuite thank you very much, and with quite a good curl when I ignore the barber for a month or two – and who himslf is sick with envy when I grace his chair

    August 1, 2011
  11. I can assure you Max is still alive & well. Morris knows that as he was up this way not long ago. As always the stories are a lot more interesting than the truth. Max has lived a big life (who hasn’t) but now he leads a more sedate & happy one with his partner. He still manages to get into the waves most days.

    August 1, 2011
  12. So did you find the plaque?????

    August 2, 2011

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