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the witness, the second interview

– continued from here

The two detectives sat Toby up on one of the desks in the charge room; they bought him a bag of chips from the vending machine and asked that his mother sit on a chair beside him.

Terry leant over his boy and told him to be sure and tell the truth to the policemen.

‘ That would be a first for any of your family wouldn’t it sport, ‘ Snorted Mick.

The questions started.

‘ Toby my boy, ‘ the big man asked, softer now.

‘ Yes sir. ‘ Toby replied.

‘ Did you see the girl? ‘

‘ I think I might of. ‘

Was she by herself? ‘

‘ No sir. ‘

‘ Who was with her? ‘

‘ A little boy. ‘

What was the little boy doing? ‘

‘ He was minding the shopping with Dave. ‘

‘ Who’s Dave? ‘

‘ He’s my dog. ‘

‘ Was she carrying anything? ‘

‘ Some grapes I think. ‘

The big copper took a long breath, glanced at his colleague, and asked if the little boy whether he knew the girl.

‘ No, ‘ said Toby, and he looked at his dad and said, ‘ I want to go home now dad. ‘

Detective Mick shook the little boy’s hand  and winked at his mother. ‘ Take them home Missus, and make sure that old man of yours stays on the straight down here. I hear that he’s making a fair name for himself down Bawley these days by the way. ‘

concluded tomorrow here
previously published in kurungabaa

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