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prosper’s war, updated

from the book

Ordnance*. The storage, maintenance, procurement and issue of weapons.

Explosives, land mines, handguns, rifles, sub-machine guns, detonator caps, high explosives, incendiary devices, grenades, mortar rounds, bombs large and small. A specialised inventory of weapons racked and warehoused and stored and bunkered and irregularly noted for items incoming and outgoing on Forms for the Issue, for the Disposal, for the Repair, for the Replacement of.

Un-numbered forms that were sometimes checked for accuracy and most times were not and like a spider in the middle of this awry web of ordinance care and distribution sat Private Prosper McTaggart Thompson, petty thief, forger, consumptive; a man with a weak heart.

Enlisted, December 1941

Reported chest infection, February 1942

Reported Hemoptysis, February 1942

Reported Pneumonia, July 1942

Reported Mild Asthma, August 1942

Reported Sinusitis, August 1942

Reported Bronchiectasis, June 1943

Reported Sinusitis, July 1943

Reported Shell Shock, September 1943

Discharged from Service, September 1943

A man of little means.
not ordinance, ta benno

In addition, and we iterate; there is now (in draft) a seventy chapter account of the telling of the circumstances that lead up to the death of the Unknown Man found on Somerton Beach S.A. in 1948. Complete. Every known fact incorporated.

10 Apr 2013

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  1. Pete, this is really a message to you, not a comment, so please delete this after you have read it – I’d feel guilty if you left it here!

    My book is out if you want to read it!

    February 20, 2013
  2. Feel guilty all you want Team, the comment stays – vindication is always a pleasure to watch, I hope your book sells MILLIONS.

    February 21, 2013
    • If you insist – then this is a message to your other readers – HE MADE ME DO IT!!!!!

      February 21, 2013
    • Thank you – I hope it is a success too, but early days yet – don’t have a paper version, still trying to get the file into the specified form for print on demand.

      February 21, 2013

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