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stab magazine. derek rielly. defeat.

Couldn’t do it. Couldn’t read it. Wasted about $6.50 buying it.

This publication is designed to repel many generations of surfing generations – like the old boy walking out the Bangalow Newsagency who stopped by the Post Office a little way down the road to (a) rip off the backcover – the one with a spread of some mature and lovely bink in her special lace underwear, and then (b) rip off the front cover because, and as has been previously mentioned, some blokes do not want to be seen carrying a surf magazine (or girlie mag) in public places. Like tattoos, they don’t want any of that either. Ditto professional surfing, Fuel TV, Billabong share prices, stories about any of the Irons family, not to mention the sixteen pages of boardshort testimonials.

No problem with the lovely ladies though. Winning there.

Stab is one bulky piece of work, plenty of advertising and working pages but not a lot of readable editorial. Here’s a cut from the Stab website.

Quote D. Rielly.  “I ain’t never had anything like it in my life, and you know how much Stab likes to truth tell. We might spritz lies around our personal lives, but when it comes to the relationship between magazine and reader, we’re pious as hell.

Quote The Fabler. “Originally from Perth, Derek finished a journalism and literature double major”

Had to throw the thing away about an hour later on the way out of the Bangalow Bowlo, chucked it into the bin. No offence to the people who put it together, after all they are the ones who collect all the ad dollars and there is no shortage of advertising in the publication. Which could mean that a Lit degree is a fair walk-in for someone who wants to run a glossy fashion (throwaway) surf mag. Bundles of money available.

But it didn’t feel right, didn’t read easily – little coloured boxes of words floating above surf shots – an encyclopedia of currently famous names and exotic surfing places. We surfed here, we surfed there – this guy did this and that guy did that.  And like many surfing publications that have been or have gone, or might still be around, they place themselves right in the middle of all that is happening in the surfing world right now.

Ho hum.


You get what you get.

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  1. Michael Sherman #

    Geez Pete – I know your right on about this and I agree with your sentiments and have identified with the experience described… my solution: go surfing at a beach break away from the crowds… and get back that magic feeling! Forget about the written word when it comes to commercial surfing mags…

    October 19, 2012
    • I’m pretty used to you agreeing to my sentiments Sherman old lad, particularly when we are both looking at the same wave ..

      October 19, 2012

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