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How a real pro re-negotiates his deal

It’s not enough to have a corporate logo stitched onto the backcloth when everybody is patting you on the back for being a winner, this is when you are at your weakest.

This is pschycological, this means that’s what they* know and you don’t – until now.

At your service. We know money.

Teahupoo  won, or some comedy on a mainland and the corporate lads who send you the annual cheques are all there, and like a chorus they sing ..  Hey, look what month it is .. ! let’s  meet up later and talk about another annual contract.’  Note the no please,  and they always pick the place to have dinner. Big deal, that means beer in glasses.

What we have here are two types of really regular guys around the negotiatin’ table. The guys who want to be rich, that’s their one thing, and Mick and KS who want to be rich AND famous. Two things.

In this game one thing always beats two things – that’s why tunnel vision was invented, that’s the vision you can see in the contracts .. Lotsa paper there, contracts, neat and dense. Tight. Lawyerlawyerlawyer . Lawyer. Just initial the pages like you’ve seen them he says, cool as dude you say.

And it’s all their way. The research is in. Any lawyer who surfs can’t be trusted and he’s the only one you know  – and always in the same suit. He gets to stand in the corner at the meetings. This is a sign.

So some pros have managers.

Managers have got three things going – they want you to be rich, and famous, we’ve been there –  and they also want a pay packet out of your pay packet. So how does complicating something make it simple ..?

Summing it all up,  is easy. In 100 years all this is dust.

* them

header pic by adam head – courier mail

apologies to anyone who is unfamiliar with the world of surfing – and even ones who are. we just paid some guy to write this. edited. with thanks.

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  1. “Any lawyer who surfs can’t be trusted.”

    True that, Pete. Can’t understand why you bothered with the distinction between non- and surfers, though.

    Still…. Its better than your accountant telling you that he surfs.

    Australia still doesn’t have an extradition treaty with Brazil, eh.

    All your hard-earned.

    Up his nose, out the back somewhere on the Santa Caterina coast….

    July 20, 2012
    • sentence 3 – that ^ one up there .. there’s 2 things good about being a beancounter sb, one is you get to know all the shit the guy before you got up to, and the money is in quality bundles. my man.

      July 21, 2012

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