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sausages and ginger marmalade

Five of them behind the shed. Four men and a small child. Sitting on upturned pots and old benches out of the sun talking. Just out of the way of the gardeners wandering around this hot acre of pots and plants. A nursery. As the crow flies from Lismore. Floodplain shimmering in the humidity of five days rain and one day of heat. Today.

Topic of the day.

Casino Times 20 Jan 2012

Police have charged two men after allegedly seizing cannabis plants worth more than $3 million from a property near Tenterfield.

 It is alleged that they had been under police surveillance since October 2011.

At the location where the men were arrested, 1339 cannabis plants were allegedly seized from four different crop locations within the property. The plants ranged in size from one to four feet.

Also located on the property at a campsite was a structure used to dry the harvested cannabis. Seized also was a elaborate watering system used to water the large amount of cannabis plants.

Equipment, including cultivators, irrigation pumps and vehicles were seized from the property, all of which will be alleged to been utilised by the two men to cultivate the cannabis.

Mick known as Ginger, Ted the nursery owner and the two brothers just arrived from Sydney. Jan and Dean. A quick six hours from Avalon 2107.

‘ Didn’t mention my fucken bobcat did they, or the three generators. ‘

This is Ted, he’s out of pocket $1,500 for the generators plus the loaned bobcat. He’s doing the cooking today.  Pork sausages on a griddle over hot coal.  Jan and Dean bought the bread on the way in. Can’t talk without a feed. Mick always good for the marmalade. Mick is a local Bundjalung man. These are his Kyogle sausages. Field food. Field full of coppers now.

Jan and Dean had a lease on the ^ crime scene .. four years to run .. $10k X 4 to pay it out .. and nobody is going home there tonight. Dean is worried about the paperwork in the old house, what was found, what would be lost. Under surveillance since October 2011 .. !

15 months with the invisible listening man taking notes. Every phone-call.

Ted turns the sausages over for the final cook before Mick does his ginger.

‘ What have youse blokes got in mind now? ‘ This to the runners. Not that he’s interested, this is the farewell lunch.

‘ Bali and all ports fucking north mate, gotta couple of boards stashed in Byron and a mate in Bukit. Just hope he’s still fucken cool. ‘

Sausages off the griddle onto a slab of tombstone marble and Ted slices them all down the middle, gives Mick a nod. Watches a customer with a couple of ceramic pots walk over to his car and lift the boot lid. Ginger Mick spreads the marmalade over the inside of the split sausages. Thick, with a spoon. Generous bloke Mick, when he’s all done he offers the spoon around. That’s ok, he owns the jar.

‘ Good eaters those blokes, ‘ said Mick, ‘ hangin’ out for this in the middle of that scrub jungle. Shit of a job. ‘ Mick’s job was to backpack food and cooking gear over the hill every couple of days. A day out and a half-day back on the old trails. The last time over he found a cave deep by some still water, fissured at the roof to let in the sunlight. As big as a circus tent inside with a floor of Bondi sand. Sign everywhere. A cathedral.

The pot customer comes over to settle. Ted is quickly halfway over to him. Ted @ check-out. He has change.

Mick places the sausages split side down on the hot griddle, the sugar in the marmade sizzles up, burnt sugar and ginger marmalade. Good smoke.

Ted walks back, takes a breadroll from the bag, eyes the snags. This is Mick’s show now.

‘ What about gettin’ out of Brisbane, how good are your passports after all this bullshit? ‘  Ted to J&D.

‘ Fucked if I know mate, be better if we were twins, ‘ both young men laughed at the same time.

Sausages done. Five each.

Not everything is bad.

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  1. Davo's Liver #

    Field food has it’s moments. It’s in the sizzle.

    I’d be worried about the “paperwork” too, from the farther away the better.

    Good read Sir Pete.

    January 23, 2012
    • mate, one day I’ll figure out where all that bullshit comes from…

      January 23, 2012
  2. Ben #


    have ago at Last Night in Twisted River by Mr John Irving. He feels the same way about scarn as you.


    January 24, 2012

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