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the woollahra hotel

De Gracy

a quiet Thursday morning

with few drinkers

on an overcast autumn day

the one barman polishing glass


the four men


– walk into the Hotel

into the bar

up to the counter

and order just three beers

– then drink them


and leave

one of the four unshaven

grimfaced men

had recently had his throat cut

from  ear

to ear

the raw livid scar and the stitching wounds were completely

and deliberately


the man was wearing a dark jacket

stained with the old blood

from the wound

– a large bulge pushed out the fabric from the left side


the Hotel Licensee’s wife was Abe Saffron’s only sister, Doreen


wasn’t there that day.

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  1. Seaman Staines #

    I’m guessing Abe was not around alot at times like that, I base my guess on the fact he made it to 86.

    March 5, 2011
  2. Because of his criminal associations he was not allowed to become a licencee of a hotel in NSW, and what was more laughable – he wasn’t even allowed to enter the pub – every time he came around he had to meet his sister on the pavement.

    Meanwhile he was operating 50% of every joint in the Cross – and had the NSW Government and the NSW police in his pocket – a problem yet to be solved –

    March 5, 2011

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