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the adventures of rick oahu ~ chapter 3 ~ a killing in macau

Dong Jhenym – Triad Boss

Janus – British Foreign Office HK desk

Rick Oahu – always the mystery

Heavy rain is the only weather that keeps the Macaun pork sellers off the footpaths in this city of dilapedated ruins, heavy rain and the mass exodus from one of the cities best restaurants of the members of a major Hong Kong Triad.

Mercedes come cheap in some Asian cities, as do Lexus and Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche, and tonight they line up in the darkened street like dodgem cars under the monsoonal and pelting clatter of a tropical cloudburst. All their lights on high beam – they had the air of a funeral procession waiting on a body.

Dong Jhenym’ s mother was a Thai Buddhist, his father a Cambodian rice farmer and the only remnant of their influence on him was a fleeting charitable disposition to the poor, in particular any filthy beggar tented up in soaked rags on the footpath outside his favourite eating place.

He gives sparingly but without caution had said Janus, and his bodyguards usually stay back.

So imagine the surprise as Dong observed the filthy beggar attempting to rise up in order to receive his meagre pittance.

Imagine the shock of impact as Rick Owahu drove his cloven fingers deep through Dong’s clothes and stomach wall and into his intestinal cavity and for a moment they stood close like lovers, until the Triad boss shied back one panicked step. A numbness, a rapine invasion.

And like a violated lover he looked down at the source of the rupture and shuddered with horror as he watched six inches of his purpled and living gut snake out of his shirt, out of his body, impaled on Owahu’s massively hooked nail.

Slippery like an eel. Full of blood and food. Warm. Viscous. Alive.

Then with a fatal candour Dong turned to his bodyguards and staggered away from his tormentor three steps.

Just three steps, and now six feet of glistening intestine steamed under the downpour, and as his guards threw away their cigarettes and ran to aid the ashen Triad Warlord Owahu flicked his catch at them like a stockwhip.

The Coroner’s report was sparing but it did admit that the deceased had lost almost fifty feet of gut in the fatal attack.

The two bodyguards also suffered fatal wounds after pursuing the alleged killer into the old China Town precincts.

Their wounds suggested that they had both had their sternums ripped open by a bare claw

Rick Owahu lives in Ulladulla and is sometimes seen at the Hook when the conditions warrant.

You want more?, … or less

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  1. Steve Beach #

    … more.

    Please sir.

    November 18, 2011
  2. Steve Beach #

    Dunno. The adjectives are something else – “rapine invasion”; “fatal candour”. Stunning stuff. Can’t get enough.

    November 18, 2011

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