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brisbane. the road in

G20 next year is the plan, security the Key.

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being a schoolboy surfer in 1959

We had no time for their Prefects and sport-games, their cadet corps and exams, no time for their rules and commandments, their uniforms, their classrooms and lessons. Their floggings.

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the beating

Somebody pulled him off the still body and everybody drifted away. The big man's wallet lay by his side, come adrift in the turmoil.

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street fighting and falling over

Street fighting is basically an artless exercise but not one without a degree of creative culpability, shrill histrionics and very real and enduring pain, and there are several basic rules that should not be forgotten by the receiver.

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ed reid, remembered

Bill Tilman was a knuckled down kind of man with a gouged out architrave of a forehead that looked lined like an in-coming groundswell, he sucked a pipe that would have satisfied a room full of potheads and he washed as insincerely as does any Englishman in the tropics.

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shaper builder

Ray had no schedules; he would to wander in and out of building commitments as often as the weather changed and he was fearsomely unapologetic for missed appointments and delivery times

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