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an assault in 3 stages – bondi baths

inexplicable conflict - Bondi and Vietnam

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the beating

Somebody pulled him off the still body and everybody drifted away. The big man's wallet lay by his side, come adrift in the turmoil.

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a summer story

Right now Doug decides to pull back the dressing on his ulcer for a looksee, and the swollen wound swallows half his hand before some babe wearing a black lace hanky strolls past, all silky wobble and perve. We observe the moment with a tranquil and hormonal grief as Ken retires into the dank shadows for another piss. Five an hour is the usual but who’s counting.

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dark beach

Mick Wright ran a caryard in Sydenham, twenty sale units in the lot, all repossessed, and he remembered the silent beard with an army kitbag who paid cash for the ’65 Bedford in 1974.

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