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Posts tagged ‘The Pass’

warren cornish – after the funeral

the boys who rode balsa

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how to get out at lennox on a big day

without really dying

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the road trip –

This year he wants a shot at Lennox and the longer the bastard talks the bigger the chance is that we will actually take him out there.

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never look back

Well I walked up the beach and past the pandanus cove and stopped a while by a surf school proned out on the sand as their coach pimped his authority over them and played for passing trade amongst the thronging idlers who wandered their aimless path with me.

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kooks. what they need to know.

‘ I’m new at surfing and would like to know how one would define a kook?’ - this question answered here at length.

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the surfers reunion

How his bed smells in the mornings, and his clothes are always stained. His mind is loosening so quickly now and his conversation rambles here and there, flicking between fiction and reality, and he drinks far too much, every day.

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