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Posts tagged ‘out of china’

the dongguan sanding room

The Chinese shaping bay

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windsurfing, jaws and the karaoke misunderstanding in dongguan

why food and drink and karaoke are a dangerous combination

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the kimono girl ~ china stories 2

Everyone is drunk. Young Chinese men roam around the room with their bottles, demanding a fair sharing of the rotgut - they jam their bottle necks into the white faces demanding a toast.

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the chinese wedding party ~

A couple of sallow faced youths trailed their elders, holding long strings of fresh explosives. They were smoking, looking up at the windows, laughing.

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china, the first night

Shintao beer is what’s left of Carlsberg’s disappointing venture into the Chinese boozer market, and since then China has given the krauts the arse, grabbed the formulae, increased the flavour, increased the alcohol content, increased the bottle size, and decreased the price.

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