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Posts tagged ‘marrying a surfer’

marrying a surfer – category 1

They have a masochistic disposition to the wearing of sharp pointed metal trinkets on, or in, their ears, eyes, eyelids, tongues, cheeks, noses, fingers, navels, nipples, toes and genitals. Buttocks for some unfathomable reason have remained free from such mutilation.

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marrying a surfer – category 2

Aged anywhere between twenty-five and forty, members of this category write their choice of surfing destinations for the coming weekend in their work diary only after they have completed extensive Internet research involving reading synoptic charts

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marrying a surfer – category 3

Dementia is an affliction that can strike at any age, however, and as demonstration of the potency of its early onset all one needs do is ask oneself to accurately describe the details of any four waves of a ten-wave session immediately after the session has concluded.

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