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Posts from the ‘Tabourie’ Category

the hermit at point upright

They left him alone, this silent man on his resolute path to the sea.

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tabourie and the quiet surfer

- just a grunt as he paddled past, not unfriendly, just reserved.

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Tasman gales and the sea roads to eternity

Bellows of rain filled tempest swept inland from all seaward points of the compass.

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the remembering and the telling

catching waves, where does it feel best - in the remembering or in the telling

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it helps to be a right bastard sometimes

surfers ..! bastards to a man.

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the holiday van, tabourie: fresh bream with basil leaves

They had been drinking all day that day and he had sent her over to the bottle shop for a few bottles to take home, and the long bump under the back wheel outside the drive-in bottle shop as he backed in was too soft to be a ramp

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