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Posts from the ‘Outward Bound’ Category

Buckman and Sandell – Siam and The Naked Queen.

In memory.

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outward bound: this is personal

The cold dinner in a wet forest where every nighttime beastie needs warm blood.

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me and the duke of edinburgh

he wished me good luck and walked on ..

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outward bound, the initiation

Blackmud beach, winding goat tracks all wandering up to some unpainted timber shacks under the meagre shade of skinny-limbed eucalypts all monstered by the droning shrill of the world’s best cicada population.

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ed reid, remembered

Bill Tilman was a knuckled down kind of man with a gouged out architrave of a forehead that looked lined like an in-coming groundswell, he sucked a pipe that would have satisfied a room full of potheads and he washed as insincerely as does any Englishman in the tropics.

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