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jitta jitta

Sometimes a man likes to walk alone along the beach, not to be bothered by other folk, just having a mile long stretch of windswept sand to ramble down to and back from.

Sometimes a man doesn’t even spare a glance at the surfers out there, doing their things, rather he would prefer a deserted seascape as well as a lonely shore littered with ground down black stones winnowed from the headland cliffs a thousand years ago. Knowing they will be here a thousand years beyond this day.

Such are his windswept thoughts.

Jitta jitta

Not so with this little fellow though.

jitta jitta

Half-way back he decided I needed company and for twenty minutes he fluttered about me, this side and that side, in front and in back. Closer and closer until he was a foot away, perched on a sun burnished twig.

I stopped.

Jitta jitta

We watched each other for two minutes, neither of us moving apart from the saucy little flicks of his tail feathers.

I’ll be back down there tomorrow, on the beach, watching for him.

Me and my little mate.

jitta jitta


Around Uluru, it is believed a Willy Wagtail brings spirit children to their mothers. Many Aboriginal people consider the Willy Wagtail (fondly called Jitta Jitta) a gossip-monger and bringer of bad news, especially in Victoria.  This belief has filtered into Australian myth; those in the bush regard him with suspicious disfavour.  In Aboriginal lore, if anything is being discussed he will be shooed away so he is out of hearing range before any business or conversation is resumed. Respect and discretion should always be practised in Jitta Jitta’s presence.



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