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Two days ago one of my daughters answered a call from a friend who had just been told her her cancer had metastasized and she should visit the hospital as soon as possible to begin chemotherapy. Kyi. She lives in Lismore. She has two young children. A lady with a rich city past now living in Lismore’s quiet.

Then last night the floods came and her home became a fragile barrier to the thousands upon thousands of tons of brown water that swept over the barriers and into Lismore. That unending tide that burst through her doors and windows, picked up the refrigerator, washing machine, television, carpets, chairs and lounges, speakers, clothes, cots, computers, toys, beds blankets and cupboards and hurried them outside through the broken fibreboard walls to be lost in the massive surge that drowned this town.

My daughter sent me a photo of Kyi waist deep in water and hanging onto a door frame as the flood tide swirled through her home, urging her away.

Then silence.

Two hours ago a text message as my daughter made her way home to Eureka.

” Almost too many river crossings n done with water xxx all safe just a bit blown away by what just happened! So sad .. Lismore totally ruined .. and Kyi ! Not what she needs right now, cancer taking a back step. Only 2% battery ……….”

Austin’s yacht.

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  1. Sounds very scary. Thank goodness they’re safe.

    March 1, 2022
    • One dairy farmer could only watch as 180 of his milkers were swept away, his entire herd.

      March 1, 2022
      • That’s grim. Horrible. Are you okay? I don’t know whether these floods affect you.

        March 1, 2022
        • Looking down on a swollen river just coming off a king tide, watching tables and chairs floating by, hay bales, large trees, masses of tangled undergrowth, 44 gall drums, tyres. There’s a small yacht moored just upstream almost overcome with rubbish that’s pressed it up against a pontoon, that’s Austin’s boat. He’s a bit of a hermit and lives alone. The river smells of rot and decay, all the pelicans have gone and by the time I’m able to get to the beach it will be covered with detritus swept out of the river mouth. Give it a week or two and the local kids will be building tree tepees on the beach from the larger tree trunks and branches.
          Thanks for your concern, John, much appreciated.

          March 1, 2022
        • I’m really sorry to hear this. Sounds a sad and terrible mess besides the threat to people’s lives. Well, look after yourself Pete.

          March 1, 2022

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