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the american influence

This image, according to the marketing princes who ruled advertising in America in the early days, was what surfers looked like.

Tight, bright and white.

Seven Americans with not a hair out of place, six boards, two babes; one playing a guitar and all of them with their backs to the surf and hanging around a  Mustang GT parked on the low water mark.

This looked so good we tried it over here at Bondi.

at least they got the babe / bloke numbers right

The yank influence was almost overpowering in Australia in the sixties, especially when they threw the Gidget series at us with Moondoggie and his crew of Hollywood pretenders. Ask some old boy about eighty who was in the time if he reckoned Troy Donohue ever surfed. Be prepared to weep.

Then the yanks travelled west to find a nest of believers at Bondi.


They signed up nearly everyone, made them get haircuts and bought them new boardshorts and nice tight white T-shirts.

What a bunch of Bondi miscreants. Have a look at this mob of no-hopers. Brock, Brennan, the Coadys, Sinclair, Spencer, Pickford, the Keyes, Conneely, Lindsay .. and way up the back, Witzig. How he got into the frame is anyone’s guess, being a foreigner.

But it didn’t last. Thor Svenson, the yank organiser of this monstrosity kind of disappeared back home unexpectedly one day leaving our lads in the lurch and searching for another identity.

It didn’t take long to find one.

We are who we are.

pic by Witzig.

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