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revenge ..

Some time ago this notice appeared on the notice-board in my apartment block’s garage – apparently written in jest it however earned the ire of one of the residents in the building as a couple of days after it was pinned up he scrawled an unkind note on the bottom – to wit: “WHAT DICKHEAD WROTE THIS?”

I declined the temptation to add an addendum and suggest it would be impossible for anyone to know what dickhead wrote this if the dickhead who wrote this didn’t sign it.

But, you know, when you are living with blokes who wash their cars every week, wear shorts, Hawaiian shirts sandals and socks the chances of getting anywhere near even with them is between zero and nil.

But something had to be done. This is a problem many surfers have with the general population as getting even in the surf is a time-honoured tradition and the methods we use are intricate and carefully plotted. Surfers are merciless when it comes to revenge in the water but in this case some imagination was required  .. which can be a problem with surfers, I mean, all we do is go to the beach and catch waves all day.

Surely you agree, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Now we have a new taking-the-piss apartment-block garage’s notice-board style of self-expression never before attempted in any civilised strata-society  .. and what is exciting about this new format is that the opportunities are endless.

The intention is to create a collection of these images  .. and who knows, in the fullness of time we may see the beginnings of a new art form.

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  1. Mr Wolf #

    I agree with the resident – what dickhead could have possibly written that?

    October 10, 2020
    • The only one in the building with a sense of humour ..

      October 10, 2020

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