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how to clear the water on a good day

The locals up here have had problems with locals from different postcodes for many years – even before there were postcodes, like when Brock from 2026 rolled up to stay. Then Greenough from the zip-codes.

It got so that you knew only three cars out of the fifteen parked at the lookout the last time it looked like this.

How is it possible to be rid of these unwelcome pests, these blowins, interlopers? These strangers?  This is what you ask yourself, and this from a bloke who was one of the lads who scattered unborn calves’ body parts amongst the tents of the unlocals when the Pass was on late in the winter of 1963.

Happy days.

Yesterday, at the Pat Morton car park, overlooking a crisp six-foot swell of remarkably even proportions caressing its way shoreward along the contours of the headland, three police cars rolled in and disgorged about three hundred policemen and women who immediately set about the crowds who were sporting themselves upon Lennox Head’s sacred turf and checked their postcodes.

Anyone found not to be a 2478 won a $1,300 fine and was told to kindly leave for their own postcode. Kindly meaning if you don’t mind I’ll just stand here with my weapons jangling and watch while you jump into your car and piss off!

The place emptied like someone had the virus … how’s the irony?

And I reckon Le-Ba owes the Ballina coppers a keg.

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  1. Shane Fisher #

    Talk about Surf Mafia! Unborn Calve parts, Gross. Though if they were grotty enough surfers, they may have had them for breakfast.

    April 22, 2020

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