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who got creamed at avalon the other day?

Proof that everyone is a smart arse.

Copied from the Realsurf forum. A topic from 2103 and a reactionary’s appraisal of a couple of Avalon’s characters.



Who got creamed at Avalon the other day?



– and there are quite a few to choose from. The paper up here said he was about 60, experienced and got smacked back going in off either the pool or the platform at the north end. He ended up in hospital.


crabmeat thompson

Was it Carroll?


Nick Carroll

a ha ha ha ha
whomever it was, he’s not exactly claiming it.
Roy Leggo?
come on Laz you have the underworld network among the desiccated coconuts of Avalon.



Roy only wipes out when there’s a photo opportunity, I was kind of hoping old Crousey got biffed …. lovely fellow but a bit of an owner up in 2107



The guys miss-timed the jump of the rock ledge (Nth Av) got smashed on that ledge a few times. Had a big hole in his head , mashed his hip as well and was complaining about tingling in his legs. I dont know him but i think someone said his name was Warrick or Wayne something with a “W”. I jump off the rock about 20 mins after he stuffed it. It was high tide and pritty sketchy, he really shouldnt have been out there. But kudos for trying old fella



Pete Gammell -?? When he was a kid at Monawatu* we had to send him away up the beach he made so much noise, yap yap yap … engineers are like that, gotta be heard over the machinery that counts the gold bars in the basement of that mansion up on the headland.

…. *Mona Vale – how I miss that place, so much it hurts, everyone up here looks like Nick The Bollard Carroll, it’s unearthly.



Gammell The Noise was out at the joey on the day after the day of the century – Some bloke has blog with a header pic of the day before – Gammell was out there with the LA Mafia, it looked brutal .. I got all the photos.



So Gammell paddled out.



– several times, he had his share – Northcott, Stretch and Barton showed up with his by crikey smile on the 1st day .. Some bloke was taking pics and relaying them back onto this place (real surf) – DerekH, in his purity, did not approve – plus nobody ever told TC until it was 48 hours old – so much for the brotherhood of Newport.
and all the weekday executives who double for Avalon weekend hardmen lapped the pics up and they got out there first – so they all still owe me beaucoup de favours.
Maybe I could remind them.


Nick Carroll

Err yeah, so not wanting to interrupt or nothing, but again who was it who got creamed at Nth Av the other day?


crabmeat thompson

We could turn this into a board game ..
Did he have curly hair?



Did he have a pair of nads?


crabmeat thompson

Did he have a large, wandering gait?



Does he prefer broccolini, or asparagus?



Did he walk back to the carpark, or did he wimp out and ask for help? Real men spill blood by the bucket, ask Rob Bain, he had a rock named after him at of frocks …. peeled off half his head, chipper look that.


Maresa Manara – The Telegraph, 19 Feb 2019

Sydney’s not exactly short of beachside neighbourhoods – but Avalon, a secluded surfing suburb on the city’s northern beaches peninsula – is about as perfect as it gets.

Bordered by Avalon Beach to the east and Pittwater estuary to the west, this once low-key hippy haven now draws a creative, well-to-do crowd (chefs, designers, artists) who think nothing of heading out for a 5am surf at north Avalon Beach, doing laps at Paradise Beach baths, or stopping by one of the suburb’s ubiquitous cafes for a flat white coffee, hair still salty from that morning’s swim.

In keeping with this lifestyle, surf shops line the streets, along with homeware boutiques, wholefood stores, seafood joints, and bakeries serving still-warm croissants to early risers.

header pic is the day



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