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zuckerberg, hong kong buffets and the stockmarket

Clever of Zuckerberg to adopt for his Facebook zombies the obsessive attention stock market analysists pay to the market as it dips and sways through a 24 hour trading period. Nobody thinks it weird to see those jokers glued up to their screens from morning to night.


Two ladies are sharing an adjoining table at the buffet today. One is taking all her time eating, the other is taking photos of her food. Everybody does this, then we stick it up on Facebook and cop a load of likes.

Her first plate contains one sushi roll, a small stack of pickled ginger, three tomatoes on the vine, two prawns in the shell, two small bowls of soy sauce and three slices of raw tuna. A dish of wasabi mixed with mayonnaise (recommended)

She takes fifteen pictures of the dish, rearranging the items every time. Then she eats.


The equivalent of a friend’s Like on Facebook is a winning stock trade for a client. This makes everyone involved happy.

You know it makes sense. The Zucker did, way back.


Plate number two contains a couple of pieces of roasted pork bathed in Hoisin sauce, a mound of Biryani rice and three chappatis, two slices of crab-stuffed pasta with sauce Romano, three wedges of blue vein cheese and a couple of slices of watermelon.

Twenty pictures this time, and once again all these patient and minute adjustments to the of dish and the placement of its contents. I’m reminded of the attention Bobby Fischer displayed as he played Spassky.

Meanwhile, her companion is ripping into another dish of cakes and ice cream.


There are times when you might be wandering through the darker depths of Chinatown in search of a feed and you happen to pass by an open doorway that leads to a badly lit set of stairs. Upstairs the din of a busy restaurant.

The doorway is illuminated with dozens of pictures of the food, each one a beautifully arranged dish of the finest ingredients, cooked to perfection. Mouth-watering stuff. Five star.

The owners are working out the back in the heat of a steam-filled, dinghy kitchen.

Two women.

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