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forensic science on netflix

Netflix has a series showing how crimes have been solved off the back of forensic science. Nail scrapings, foreign matter in a wound, the impression of a face on a plastic shroud. Detail. Everything logged.

Episode 33 finished. Downtime. ‘Coffee? Champagne?’

We sit.

I picked up the now-empty small box my wife bought back from the chemist this morning – Marine Miracle Creme – it’s big enough for about five cigarettes and there’s a picture of a flawless lovely on the front.

This emulsion acts as (1) a preservation for mid-life skin, and (2) a prevention for youthful-skin.

It cost me $165 and I still cannot understand what (1) and (2) mean, singularly or collectively.

‘Do you know what’s in this?’ I asked, looking over.

‘In what?’

I lifted the box.

‘Don’t start.’

‘Aqua, sodium hylaruronate, capric/caprilic triglyceride, PEG-6, stearate, glycerine, urea, dimethicone, glycerol, polymethacrylate, cetyl alcohol.’

‘Thanks Pete, can we continue watching?’

‘No. Glycol stearate, ceteth-20, maris sal, steareth-20, centella asiatica, propylene glycol, parfum (score one there), algae extract, sodium ascorbyl, phosphate, carbomer, triethanolamine, tocopheryl, acetate, macrocystis pyrifera, faex, aleuritic acid, hydrolyzed wheat protei .… where are you going?’

Sounds of footsteps receding. But I have to go on, it’s the forensics in me, even if it’s to an empty room.

‘Chlorphenesin, glycoproteins, methylparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben, isobutylparaben and finally, propylparaben.’

The company that makes this emulsion ‘ Transformulas International Limited’ have left their phone number on the box. I’m going to ring them up later and ask if they have the quantities, either that or fry some rice. It’s been a slow day.

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