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  1. Michael Bennett #

    Hi Pete, Still following your website and enjoying many of the articles. From time to time have thought about writing a short article (Post.). How do I go about it? Spent July/August in Hawaii enjoying the sun and the surf. Shared most days with my old mates Wheels and Cochrane. Wheels is still his same old mellow self, Andy always busy, working on pools and filling in every day to the max. Enjoyed a visit with Mick Dooley & Wheels, you can imagine the stories told over and over again. Ah, living in the past is fun but the present is pretty damn good to all of us. Often talk to the Rooter in Scotts Head. He will never change, up at six surfing as much as he can, and going to bed by seven. Here I am in Scottsdale Arizona, miles from my best friends….but the memories and friendships keep us together forever. Keep up the good work Pete, your’s and your readers posts link us all together in one way or another. Mike

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    November 4, 2015
  2. Mike – put it together and send it to – I’ll stick it up here, if you have any photos send them along.

    November 4, 2015

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