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al laughs

We have a little Japanese cafe up the road, country style, and when I was walking in for the usual Haloumi breakfast roll this morning Al walked out – he’s a city lad who vanished from somewhere to up here a couple of years ago.

‘G’day Al,’ sez I, ‘did the ladies at the shop tell you about the books?’
Al looked undecided.
‘I’ve had a couple published, thought you might like to stick them up on a shelf in your shop.’ Al runs the general store and post office at Federal – where everybody comes by.
‘Ok,’ he says.
‘How do you want to do it?’
‘I’ll buy a couple of each. See how they go. What are they about?’
‘Well,’ says I, ‘there’s a few stories about up here, Federal yarns, most of them told over booze or marijuana, but I left you out of them.’

Al laughs, Al knows.

That’s four in one hit … !!!

I’ve found how to market a niche.


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