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larry’s surf report – 7 feb 2003

Nothing else to do this morning but look at webarchive and wait for the rain to go away.

midget stringerless newcastle beach 66 67

Midget, back in the day when everyone was a gentleman

I Found this – no wonder the Avalon mafia used to paint my windscreen with wax and leer at me when I took off on the inside


Waitabit! …… I must have been on some sort of drugs here for the last little while. Me old mate Furburger (you are what you eat) fronted up last night from Queensland with a virgin slab to ask what the FUCK was wrong with me in that I’ve been giving away classified information about 2107 (Avalon) for the last six months when we all know that the joint only works twice a decade and at those times is strictly reserved for the local tradesmen. Qualified tradesmen that is, not you half arsed posers in flash utes with girlie drug habits.

I must owe a thousand top blokes apologies up there! What a loss of personal equilibrium I’ve suffered. Times like this a bloke should be able to have his judgement measured and adjusted for such moral lapses; it’s like having wave-skiers for mates.

In any case Avalon today is a backwater of bluebottles, stagnant piss, unwashed backpackers and women with bumpy legs and the local lifeguards are pinging off anyone surfing close to the flags with 12 gauge shotguns and a lot of personal abuse. Wouldn’t it be nice to be a kid again when all you had to worry about were the anxious paedophiles hanging around South Bondi looking for kids from Waverly College taking a day off school?

Somebody tell me where experience learns you, ok?

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