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the book of this blog, in paperback

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nbeach_04Bloodlines by Peter Bowes is now available in paperback! To celebrate, we are publishing the final extract comprising two shorter pieces from the collection. See part one and part two in this series.  You can also meet the author, and read the amazing (strictly unsolicited) reviewsBloodlines has received since its publication.

 Find Bloodlines for Kindle and paperback on Amazon UKand

 Ari Levi and the Oranges

There’s an orchard over the fence with some early oranges already rolling down the slope, lost and fallen off the tree. Ripe. Fifteen overladen trees already and winter two weeks away.

Ari Levi follows his dog from the top house and waits by our backdoor; he’s three. Not one for looking you in the eye yet, other than a sharp glance. He’s down here bludging biscuits. Chocolate-coated this morning. One for him and one for his brother, who idles…

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