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the finger ..

Ask anyone what happens when bloke A gives the finger to another bloke B. Everything goes black for one of them and brighter for the other and this is because the immediate answer to a bloke giving you the finger is to belt him. He won’t be ready for it.

Look at these two blokes, Fletcher and the genius. They have got the photographer so beat he thinks he’s getting a favour from these two. This is not a pic to frame on the wall with your name under it.

So let’s have these two doing this to the rest of the bar in a hotel say in Roma. Any hotel. See what might happen. Count the ambulances.

The finger was invented to be used by blokes A only if encased in steel boxes, so they could get out of the way of a Bloke B.

Steel boxes on wheels, cars. That’s when you can get away with it. Anywhere else and you are going to suffer.

ok so far ?

parko finger

Now Parkinson is snapped giving the finger to Slater, and everybody goes {click} – this happened some time ago, nevertheless the subliminal association of the sap in a traffic jam, Fletcher and Irons, and these other two, the champs – took some time to link.

Like everything else there is a lesson in all of this, for the beginner. The fellow who started surfing late and who stubbornly persists. Imagine never being able to ride a short board with competence. That guy. A garage full of mals. One of them.

The finger is cool. Give it. The surf isn’t the road and surfers have their own rules, one of which was always to turn a lot of rules the other way around. Four of the best surfers on the planet (with respect to the one who is not) can’t be wrong.

It’s cool, nothing will happen.

.. so go ahead, give us the finger, bro.

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  1. joe green #

    good read,genius perfect.

    June 7, 2013
  2. The Roller #

    start when they’re young. teach ’em right.

    June 13, 2013
  3. One day Roller, someone will write something that will be impossible for you to find a relevant clip to help steamroll your point of view. Not that I mind matey, but I do fancy the challenge.

    June 14, 2013
  4. Pete, proper use of body language is important.

    Thanks for the compliment, sir… I think.

    Steamroll. Snowball. What’s the dif?

    June 15, 2013

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