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the poisoner’s path

{excerpt from a book to be published in 2013}

Aconite. They tipped their spears with it in the highlands, the upland tribes. As wild as an ocean up there, tribes with their standing and rushing spear battles. And never a missionary brave enough to calm them. The smallest red nick from a spear tipped with monkshood was enough to kill the man who had been thus targeted in battle. Or in murder. Men have always done this. The Poisoners.


Amyl Nitrate.

Liquid Nicotine.

How does a man kill a man. Rush at him with a knife, beat him to death with his hands, fire a bullet into his heart.

How does a man kill a man and leave no sign.

A needle pricks, and a wound will be found, no matter how small.

The poisoner’s path.

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