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chapter two. the methodology

{excerpt from a book to be published in 2013}

Up in the hills behind Byron Bay, for every hovel that has in it a collection of chemical heads starving themselves to death, there are a few beards who take to the smoke for a little clarity, a little single-mindedness. Song writers, book writers, painters and gardeners. Quiet folks in the main, with a liking to early Neil Young and Bob Dylan anytime. Not a corporation man amongst them.

$200 buys plenty, delivery is almost immediate, three hours of space is guaranteed per single roll-up and every day has twenty-four hours available.

Heavy marijuana usage is a known cause of schizophrenia in those with overly receptive minds, and this unfortunate condition is sometimes related to the Asperger Syndrome, which in turn is related to autism – and then to savantism. A rosary of insanity.

Sensible to insensible and back to sensible. All for the sake of a quiet smoke amongst the wilderness of camphor laurels across the road from the Eltham Hotel. This is where the homework started. A pencil and an exercise book. An ipad. A little silver box with all  the makings.

And time.

There use to be a railway service from Lismore to the coast years ago, a narrow gauge single line, one way in and one way out. Now the lines are melancholy ironways without an end and without a beginning. A distinct track though, despite the years of neglect – and just the track for a follower set on this new path back to year 1948.

I was four in 1948. My father Leigh, he’s in here somewhere, only a couple of years home from the 76 Squadron Kittyhawks that was based on an island halfway to the Philippines. Numfa. I’ll get there one day, when the Indos open up the airstrip again.

He was an old Coogee lad and he reckoned the beaches and reefs up there held promise. He was a body surfer. Taught me all about it.

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  1. davo's liver #

    The illegal smile. None for me thanks, I’d rather be sad.

    Body surfing is a very underrated pastime.

    The two together make for the best low cost entertainment out there.

    December 20, 2012
    • heyya dave, I’m well away on this matey … up to chapter five. no sleep in hk.

      December 20, 2012
  2. Put me down for that book!

    December 21, 2012

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