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fearful symmetries. why counting money pays well

Fearful symmetries, as written by John Adams, runs for about 22 minutes. Runs.

The plan was always to turn it on as the old Pacific Highway right-handed down the slipway and onto the freeway heading north at Hornsby. Then open all the car windows and invite the entire orchestra inside for the ride back to Newcastle.

Friday. The payroll run.

There is just one reason why being able to count money makes you an indispensable quantity in nearly all  small growing well-positioned profitable manufacturing enterprises. This indispensability arises because the money-counter, the accountant, knows how they make it. The Profit. This is the one reason.

He knows.

While all around everyone else is bleeding borrowed money. Which also means who wants to know what their bean-counter knows? … nobody I know.

And indispensables don’t delegate. What they know is directly linked to what they get and who gives money away without getting a deduction. So this meant Friday was also Fearful Symmetry day. Because wherever you are, you must be able to get back and do the Friday payroll. Even if they never said it this is what they meant when you got the job.

Newcastle – Sydney ~ Sydney – Newcastle. Acres of fast pale roadway, banked turns, B-double vortex runners, freeway gamers, slashing through rainfall. Riding the road.

– and here the best road song ever written.

Jim B came over from England to run a company with a short future and one day he asked his accountant to run him over from Sydney to Chatswood for a meeting with the bankers. Just a short run over the harbour bridge.

Which was where the accountant wound down every window in the car, despite the monsoonal rain, despite the massive displacement of twenty-tyre trailers on all sides, and introduced him to Fearful Symmetries – amidst all that thundering uproar

– thundering through.

a Pantagruel boogie with a thrusting, grinding beat that governs at least two-thirds of its length.

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