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bday.the birthday.

The birthday, BDay, and on BD less 2 days mother sends grandfather an {email} with son’s new {mob} number. This means more punting around on the {iphone} getting things changed, and that didn’t happen anyway because the email got chewed on BD less 1. Ask {Gmail}, it happens.

Pretend that didn’t happen, so on The Day we ring the old number – maybe the old phone is stashed in the drawer on her side of the bed, the girlfriend. Remember that suave old move, ‘ excuse me my dear, I’ll just lean over and take that call. ‘

These days they sprinkle cell phones all over the bed. Lean anywhere you want.

– and the boy is twenty today.


That ^  .. was yesterday.

BDay plus 1 we {text} the mother’s sister and ask if she has the grandson’s new mob number, step back to the 1st sentence here if you’ve lost track already. This thing is morphing into a multilevel hierarchical familial and social essay.

No answer from auntie. She lives up in Byron and as if that matters we {ping} her son our other grandson on {facebook} and ask the question, ‘ do you really want to pull that trigger, punk ! – sorry, wrong movie – we texted – ‘do you have your cousin’s new mob number ? ‘.

No, he caught him on the day, landline at lunch with the family. Score him one.

BDay plus 2. The kid is now 20 years and 2 days into being 21.

Auntie sends on a number but it’s a {iphone} generation out of use. We think she made it up to make us feel better about missing the Big day.

Big day plus 3. The mother rings. We have the youth’s number. Which we ring.

Which we let ring. For a while. Waiting for the message to talk out before we leave a message. When I was a kid we would smoke reefers and mumble, but this bloke – he’s with about 5 likewise inclined friends in a small room who are all sounding, to the listener,  like lunatic english soccer fans yelling multi-lingual fascist  propaganda into the shared device . This is what university does to the young – and thank you for calling.

Here we leave a message.


Today is BDay plus about 5 .. still waiting. He’ll get back.

So happy birthday JP.


{means of communication that have no meaning for anyone over 75}

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  1. davo's liver #

    Isn’t it grand? Kids these days, so many people to “follow” and so little time to follow them.

    May 30, 2012

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