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remembering crankin ‘baa

Blog administrators / moderators – those who are able to have a look at the background stats of their grand creations – sometimes find glitter amongst the mostly dull collection of search term enquiries that eventually find their site in the vast cloud of the internet.

Herewith a collection of Dharawal linguistic search interpretations for the Kurungabaa site.

kanaganbura Kuningabaa Krangabas khuruhngabha crankin’baa (niiiice!) curnaghganba karaagaanbaa Krungbabba Karn Kharu curughmba clingingbabba

– Plus a few others that have some phonetic relationship to contributors who have come by here from time to time ;

sty nettal blog, crifturn ivers, tim sutchall angroirie, Che Hork, Dineas Desolutsky, peter Bowels, sell nowt.

This is what you get when you use the word ‘ Literature ‘ on your blog header. Everyone wants to qualify.

There are of course the usual desperates who are always searching for a prophetic word on or by or about Derec Hynde or Nicke Carol. Fond of these fossils as we are their days must surely be numbered as the thousands of text precious youth exit out of high schools in search of a newer and more arrhythmic prose.

And every day – without fail – some rogered soul out there searches hard for ***** prostitute *****, or *** mick fanning jew **** – Believe me sport, we feel your pain, but your purpose is beyond our compass. Move on my son, we like to have you here with us but your goal can only be netted elsewhere. Good hunting.

We have also had a few ‘ naked men surfing with oiled muscles’ and ‘ tony abbott showering in red sluggos‘ enquiries – maybe Clif can satisfy that particular market demand, I’ll stick with the pros, jews and prostitutes, after all, Bondi is my background.

The more promiscuous enquiries will probably never be satisfied here, we do have a charter of sorts and there are more than a few ladies aboard this ship. I direct this comment to that roving band of gang-banging literati who sail the internet pretending to a type of mousy anarchy.

We have your measure, small as it is.

Nevertheless and despite the times we can claim small victories in this world of a billion blogs in that we have managed to increase the average cumulative month’s readerships for every month since September 2008. This set of lovely climbing numbers coincides almost perfectly with a collateral measurement of the great decline in the wealth of Western civilisation since the great GFC.

I have done the chart.

I understand the economics.

The Pelican’s modest success defies rational commercial sense.

So thank you for visiting, be sure to come back often and please consider subscribing to the written journal.

– and a very big cheerio to Blasphemy, nug, bucco, davo, mike, mark, cockring, the voice of reality, trauzersnake, mousey anarchist, taj’s burrow and all who survived the good old days.

Written in and for Kurungabaa in July 2010 – just for a laugh

Kurungabaa here

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  1. I can’t believe the terms some people use and find their way to you.
    Now as you know by now I’n a pilfering pirate of sorts – so I want to kindly ask to pilfer this line: We have your measure, small as it is.
    I have someone I desperately need to say that to.

    October 2, 2011
    • help thyself Jo, mon plaisure – though only if you resist relating it to pelvic floor exercises – I feel sorry for the fellow

      October 2, 2011
  2. Don’t – feel sorry for him that is – and thanks.

    Though now that you mention the pelvic floor exercies – hmmmmmmmmmmmm – my mind id churning again

    October 3, 2011

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